How Can I Find Good Candidates?

The recent surge in marijuana arrests and the related legislation across the country have created an unusual crisis for many marijuana recruiting agencies. These firms specialise in finding jobs for recently discharged military, prison and jail inmates. According to a recent article in HR Executive, "Cannabis recruitment agencies are facing a tough time finding suitable talent because of this legislation." Recruitment agencies must find new ways to tap into the diverse potpourri of job seekers who have been cooped up inside the correctional system for years, check this out here.

Employment for many in this industry is limited to those who can provide a clean criminal history, but this may not always be true. According to HR Executive, some recruiters are finding it difficult to find qualified candidates with the necessary training to work in the cannabis industry. In other words, when you leave prison, you're not just a criminal; you're also a stranger to your new peers. Military veterans are perhaps the best-case scenario for employment inside a marijuana dispensary. This is because they have a long-standing reputation for honesty and integrity.

However, cannabis recruiting agencies must also realise that there are likely to be challenges associated with transitioning military veterans to work in this industry. Often, the transition will result in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. With this in mind, these employers must find recruiting agencies that specialize in helping incarcerated veterans deal with substance abuse problems. Some positions in the cannabis industry require employees to be on prescription medication. These companies must be sure that any personnel they hire are not prohibited from taking prescribed medications while employed by the company. Here are the best weed jobs for you.

Another area of consideration is the cost of cannabis jobs. As with any job, it is important to be cognizant of the going rate for similar positions across the country. However, there are some regions that are more expensive to hire good candidates for these positions than others. For instance, although the Southern Border States has a reputation for being a hotbed for cannabis employment, they're not as competitive when it comes to cost relative to other states. Therefore, it is important for recruiting agencies to keep tabs on the market to make sure that candidates aren't getting priced out of the market by the competition.

When it comes to recruiting employees, it is important for organizations to remember that there are two schools of thought when it comes to recruiting for cannabis positions. In-house applicants typically comprise a lower percentage of overall job openings than outsourcing recruiters. However, when it comes to actual positions that are open, in-house applicants still outnumber outsourcing candidates. Therefore, if you are a recruiter that needs to hire cannabis employees, you should not simply focus on the cannabis industry alone but look to other industries as well.

Recruiting firms should also keep their ears open for local news stories about job openings. In addition to local newspapers, cannabis recruiting agencies can receive such information through social media sites and other avenues. It is important for them to stay on top of their local talent because that is where the best candidates will be found. Remember that this type of recruitment occurs on a regular basis and therefore candidates will be moving to other positions in the industry as well. Therefore, if you do decide to recruit through an agency, make sure to recruit from a reliable company that has a solid reputation and is well-known within the industry. Click here: for more details on this topic.

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